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We Believe in a Better Town Centre

As Britain's oldest recorded town, with more than 2,000 years of history, Colchester is a unique place to live, work, study, visit, shop and to do business. Our interactive map tells you more about what's going on - please explore it!

We need to think about the future. What we need to do in Colchester if the town is to retain and grow its influence in the region and nationally. What will be Colchester's unique 'selling points', persuading people to stay and invest their lives and money here?

More than £500m is being invested in improving Colchester's town centre as part of a £3bn overall investment in the wider Borough. In July 2015, Colchester's first luxury boutique hotel opened on the site of the 18th Century neo-classical Grey Friars, Hillcresct and All Saints House. The hotel offers a high-class restaurant, as well as 26 rooms preserving the original craftsmanship, giving people and visitors alike a high-quality environment in which to meet, dine and stay. Why not visit for more information.  

The menu to the left covers the main aspects of town centre life and these are the themes that Colchester Borough Council is working to improve. Work is taking place on all nine 'jigsaw pieces' at the same time.

It's a complex picture: work has already started in some areas but the pace of change will soon take off. However, major projects such as these often take years, rather than months, to complete.

Places - Colchester included - cannot stand still. They must grow, adapt, modify and modernise or fall into decline and decay. This process brings character, richness and distinctiveness and so will make Colchester an even more special and better place to live, learn, work and visit. 

Why not have a closer look?

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