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About us

Major change takes time, and the Council works with a huge range of agencies, private and third sector companies to create the kinds of places where people want to invest their time, funds and energies.

Who 'we' are

You may be wondering who 'we' are. We are a growing number of organisations working to improve Colchester by attracting investment, to bolster and future-proof its full potential. People today expect more from their urban centres: the right mix of open spaces, choice in retail, safe streets, opportunities for leisure and recreation, and efficient traffic management systems. All these factors combine to improve the quality of life for local people.

Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council play an important role in understanding and explaining the impact of proposed developments. They work with many relevant agencies to coordinate construction and regeneration work, maximising the benefits for, and minimising the inconvenience to local people.


This is just the start

Major projects sometimes take several years to develop and implement. While work has been underway for some time on the nine overarching projects, this website brings them together under a single Town Centre Improvement Programme - completing the jigsaw

We will keep you across relevant events with targeted publicity, and this Town Centre website will be updated regularly. 

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